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Mamun Hasan

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I feel honored to serve as the Chairman of, as the company continues to pioneer innovative development in the clearing and forwarding industry and door to door delivery service to our importers and exporters. As always, we are committed to providing the best services in Bangladesh and I am sure you will enjoy our commitment and services to building a strong business relationship. aims and intends to successfully achieve the goals set by considering some values and good services to our customers.

As a Freight Forwarding Company, our prime objective is to determine and fulfill all our client’s requirements. To facilitate this, our infrastructure is composed of offices, affiliated partners, warehouse in various regions, through these supports we provide comprehensive range of services. Our reputation is based on competent and enthusiastic staff supported by progressive and innovative information systems which ensure the most efficient service to our clients.

We are customer focused, customer driven and strive passionately to provide an excellent and professional level of personalized service to our clients. We strive to be a leader in the clearing & freight industry.

To our honorable clients, it is my hope we will continue to cooperate in strengthening business relationship, sharing experience and putting forward positive thoughts which will help both of us move from where we are into a more promising future.

We are proud of the quality of services and our responsiveness to client schedules. These are the keystone to our business and long-lasting client relationships as we strive to remain Your Trusted Logistics Partner.


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Mamun Hasan

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